Kaoru Ishikawa


Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa PhotoDr. Kaoru Ishikawa (Ishikawa Kaoru - 石川馨) was an innovator in quality and process management best known for the frequently eponymous Cause and Effect Diagram when referred to as the Ishikawa Diagram (also known as Fishbone Diagram) which is used for industrial process analysis.

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Kaoru Ishikawa was born in Tokyo, Japan the eldest son of eight to Ichiro Ishikawa. In 1939 he earned his Engineering degree in applied chemistry from University of Tokyo. Upon graduating, he was naval technical officer until 1941. After that, until 1947, he worked at the Nissan Liquid Fuel Company. Ishikawa then began his educational vocation at the University of Tokyo as associate professor. In 1978, he became Musashi Institute of Technology President.

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